Adult Truth Or Dare


SpongeBob: Truth or Square  v.3 2

SpongeBob: Truth or Square is a cute and original board game in which you have to collect all your happiest moments, and then make your way to the exit.


Spin The Truth  v.

Do you love to play spin the bottle? Or do you prefer Truth or Dare? Your worries are over now, Spin the Truth is here! Spin the Truth combines best of aspects of spin the bottle and Truth or Dare?. Pick your bottle and be prepared to play but only

Brutal Dare Portable  v.

A Truth or Dare Game for Windows Phone 7. This game is for all ages, big and small, can be a great game to play at parties, and other types of social gatherings! Email any changes you want added, or even truths/dares to the email below!

USB Polygraph  v.2 2

Care for a game of truth or dare? Want to get the truth? With the USB Polygraph you get a real polygraph machine! Use this lie detector to determine the truth (80%-99% accuracy). Great for parties, truth or dare, and more!

TruthOrDare  v.

Truth or dare at its purest. This game will let you choose truth or dare or let fate decide. Special option though you can set how often dare appears when having app random asign to to you. That way you can force people into getting dares!

MyTruthOrDare 7  v.

MyTruthOrDare 7 is the ultimate game of Truth or Dare meets Spin the Bottle! Tap the bottle to make it spin and whoever it lands on chooses a truth or dare! MyTruthOrDare 7 will make your dull night exciting!! Update: * Truth and Dare questions are

Trust Lie Detector  v.

Trust is a novelty lie detector app. Trust allows you to secretly pick the answer (Truth or Lie) ahead of time.

I Deed It  v.

Deed is an online playground for real life challenges: create, send and complete a challenge or dare your friends to. Deed’s fresh and fun challenge format makes even simple activities irresistible,

Pinocchio Lies Free  v.

Tilt the device to get the results you want! Pinocchio Lies is the absolute app to make fun of your friends! By tilting the device left or right you get truth or lie! Try it for

Multiplayer Euchre  v.1.0.0

Adopt an aggressive strategy, or fall back with shields; fight side-by-side with your partner, or dare to go solo - it's all your choice in Multiplayer Euchre.

TruthorDare 1.1  v.

As my previous version did not satisfy the users *********HERE IS AN UPDATE********** A very simple and light application. The Application doesnt require much memory and hence the user doesnt face any slow down . Very neat and simple app. Easy to

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